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Why the stock market: The stock market touches everyone.  Whether it is about employment, new technology, politics, foreign policy or whatever the market seems to be a major player in each individual's life.  I searched for financial blogs that had similar content, but everything I've seen is relegated to periphery topics such as taxation, estate planning, investment vehicles and style, etc. Or the information is so technical in delivery that it is not understandable by the average investor.  In the end the market is the catalyst for all of these subjects and no one was talking about it directly. Admittedly the subject is a little dry, but for me it is the raw data that matters the most.

I have also been previously licensed in insurance and mortgages and worked in banking for a short stint. But no matter what company I worked for, I never really liked the interaction between financial institution and client.  Now I have turned to blogging as an outlet.  I love talking about the market; although I do not consider myself a stock market cheerleader like so many financial pundits on television.  The market goes up.  The market goes down.  But most "analysts" or "experts" believe that it is always the time to buy.  Wrong!!  Some times you have to sell or short or just stay in cash which is sometimes a great place to be.

I also do not consider myself a guru or the person with the hot hand.  I have just stumbled across a methodology that seems to work and work very well.  It is trading by nature but trading with much longer time horizon; usually many months at a time. And, most importantly, it helps me sleep at night.

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